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Relationship Resource Consulting in Spokane WA

Life was not meant to be lived in isolation. We are social beings, designed to desire and enjoy deep connections. As we get to know someone better we begin to trust them and attraction turns into love.  We start to become open and vulnerable with them, allowing our true self to be seen; we share our hearts, hopes, and dreams.  But sometimes things go wrong, trust is abused and we end up feeling alone and hurt. We feel like the relationship is broken, or we realize maybe it was never whole to begin with.  At Path of Life, we can help you learn how to have a healthy relationship so the cycle of attraction, love, and a broken heart can end.

A relationship with God can lead to healthy relationships with others. Developing this relationship can be challenging if we grew up in a Christian home that had a high emphasis on rules and a low emphasis on relationship.  There may have been a lack of emotion or love displayed to us early in life.  Or we may have sensed that we were not "wanted" and ended up trying to please everyone to earn approval.  Often we become frustrated with unhealthy behavior patterns, whether our own or those of others. We may not realize the unhealthy behavior patterns are not truly the problems, but a window to the path that can actually lead us to understanding solutions.  Some of these behavior patterns may include anxiety, depression, avoidance, pornography use and addiction, deep loneliness.  

At Path of Life, we offer confidential and safe small groups to learn, relate and grow together using scripture which can move us forward on the road to healing. In most cases, we are wounded in relationship, and we need healing in relationship. Loneliness is not a lack of friends, but a lack of meaningful connection. 


The findings of a longitudinal, 80 year study published in 2017 on The Secret to Happiness highlight the importance of relationships: "The Harvard Study has found a strong association between happiness and close relationships like spouses, family, friends, and social circles. Personal connection creates mental and emotional stimulation, which are automatic mood boosters, while isolation is a mood buster."

Another service offered at Path of Life is pregnancy loss groups for those who have experienced miscarriage.

We believe healing and wholeness can be experienced! Contact Path of Life at 509.444.9035 (call or text), email to get started today!

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