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Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction & Gender Identity in Spokane WA

In today’s post-modern world, many are often defined by gender identity and sexual orientation. And yet for those struggling with same-sex attraction or gender confusion, claiming these identities can create feelings of fear and uncertainty. In isolation, we may try to shove our desires under the rug, and hopelessly believe that we cannot and will never change or experience a joy filled life.


If you are 1) struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction, 2) in a same-sex relationship, 3) feeling confused in your gender, or 4) a friend or family member of a loved one who is struggling, you are not alone. Path of Life is a Christian organization, providing free and confidential mentoring and support to those struggling with gender identity and/or same sex attraction. You are not bound to a life of hopelessness, guilt and shame, but through the gospel of Jesus, your heart, mind and behaviors can be transformed and healing can be found.

If you are a friend or family member of one who struggles with same-sex attraction or gender identity issues, we offer one on one consultations, friends and family groups and a weekly prayer group.


Please contact Path of Life at 509.444.9035 (call or text), email Hope and change are possible, and you don’t have to do it alone.

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