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Unplanned Pregnancy Care Services & Support in Spokane WA

When the birth of a baby is planned, it is a time of joy and celebration, however, when the pregnancy is unplanned, fear, confusion or a sense of hopelessness can feel overwhelming. You may feel alone and question how to move forward. Sometimes it is helpful to talk with someone who will listen to you and your concerns.  Perhaps even someone who has walked a similar road.


If you are pregnant and don’t know what to do, Path of Life can help. Path of Life seeks to bring hope, healing and restoration to those needing pregnancy services and support. We do not perform or refer for abortions as we believe God has good plans and purposes for your life and your baby’s. We provide free and confidential mentoring and education to help you understand all of your options, empowering you to make the best decision for you, your future and your baby.

At Path of Life, all of our services are designed with you in mind. Some of these free services provided by licensed medical professionals include:

  • Lab-quality, verifiable pregnancy tests

  • Ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy viability

  • STD/STI testing and treatment to protect your health

In addition, your personal consultant will provide you with information on all of your options as well as many opportunities for you to prepare yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually for the choices that lie ahead. This free service is a time just for you to prepare and become confident for the road ahead. 

You will receive individual, personalized encouragement, friendship and support designed specifically for your needs. Path of Life's highly trained consultants are here to walk with you through the uncertainty of an unplanned pregnancy or rejoice with you in the excitement of a welcome pregnancy. 


Contact us Path of Life today for support, help and hope at 509.444.9035 (call or text), email

For Men . . . .

Path of Life also offers support and information for potential fathers regarding their options, along with encouragement and friendship from our trained male consultants.

Contact us Path of Life today for support, help and hope at 509.444.9035 (call or text), email

The best decisions are necessarily well informed decisions. . .

Our consultants are highly-trained volunteers willing to invest time, energy and resources in you as you work through your circumstances and decisions.


We are here to provide you with the information, practical needs and support necessary to make well informed choices.


A listening ear, understanding and compassion, along with entirely free and confidential services are what you will find at Path of Life.

Contact us Path of Life today for support, help and hope at 509.444.9035 (call or text), email

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