Relationship Resource

Life was not meant to be lived in isolation. We are social beings, designed to desire and enjoy deep connections. As we get to know someone better we begin to trust them and attraction turns into love.  We start to become open and vulnerable with them, allowing our true self to be seen; we share our hearts, hopes, and dreams.  But sometimes things go wrong, trust is abused and we end up feeling alone and hurt. We feel like the relationship is broken, or we realize maybe it was never whole to begin with.  At Path of Life, we can help you learn how to have a healthy relationship so that the cycle of attraction, love, and a broken heart can end.


Path of Life provides mentoring to those seeking strong and healthy relationships. Perhaps your relationships are tense and uncertain or you are longing to communicate better with others, Path of Life can help. From a biblical perspective, we seek to build relationships to be honest, loving and Christ-honoring. We believe healing and wholeness can be experienced! Contact Path of Life at 509.444.9035 (call or text), email to get started.